How to date multiple girls at the same time and don't get caught?

It costs a lot of time to reach high number of girls if a guy wants to exclusively date just one girl at the time. Also the risk of getting caught is too high when dating multiple girls. So what are some ways to do it and don't let them find out?
And if you think its wrong to do you can simply not answer the questions.
Haters are not welcome.


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  • Make sure they don't know each other at all or have any common friends. Take them out to places your friends or the other girls you are dating won't see you. Text them enough to keep them, but not to the point where the norm is everyday or something, if you message all of them everyday it becomes annoying juggling so many messages. If you use wattsapp, take off the last online thing and don't read a message unless you intend to reply.

    Don't mention that you are the only person they are seeing/interested in. Don't hint that is moving onto monogamy.

    Keep the dates light and fun, if they get boring/dis-interesting/repetitive you'll lose a girl. Make sure you've got the time to see eachother at least once a week or you'll probably lose another for that too.

    Don't make them work colleges/places where you see them more than when you want to. Make sure they are people you would only bump into if you intended to meet them.

    • Thanks, I personally will never only date 1 guy if were not official.

    • You obviously haven't seen "John tucker must die". You should watch it. Some great pointers right there.

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  • I'm not a hater. But it's not fair or kind to be sleazy to a person... unless if those girls can date other men.

    I don't understand what's so hard about having a group of girls that you bang but don't know about each other. If they ask, you're honest. But you're not taking them out, making them feel special and like they're the only ones for you.

    Trash like that is what makes a lot of women hate men and vice versa.

  • Find girls that don't know each other or don't have any mutual friends or feelings to be hurt. Or, even better yet, just don't do it.

  • I'm not a hater but one way of not getting caught is by not doing it

    • Thanks but I want to do that.

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  • Make sure they are from different towns and that you don't have any friends in common. Make their names guys names in your phone. Dont take them out anywhere that the others friends might hang out.

    It is possible and rewarding. Look at it this way. is like test driving multiple cars at the same time. Why waste your time with 1 girl for a few years, have it not work out and here you are a few years older with nothing. All for what? There is nothing saying you can't turn one of them into a serious monogamous relationship down the road when you really get to know each other. I think this is a great way to get the best long term relationship in the long run.

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