How can I find out someone I know is using tinder?

I just opened a tinder account and its showing strictly female, i m a female but how can i find out the person im dating is using tinder


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  • Break into his phone!!!

    • good advice

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    • I assumed it was but seemed she took it literally.

    • @sara413... I know. That's what makes it so hilarious!

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  • Are you dating exclusively and do you have a particular reason why you think he is using Tinder? If the answer to either of those questions is "no" then you need to leave it. Otherwise, even if you ARE dating exclusively and for some reason believe he is using Tinder, you should ask him about it straight up. Don't break into his phone or snoop around his things, etc. Relationships are built on trust and if you don't feel like there is trust there, end it before it gets serious.