Just friends or are we more than that?

So I've been seeing this guy for about three months and at the beginning he made it clear he did not want a relationship. now, however, we hang out every day and share our thoughts and feelings with one another. When he got a job he texted me first and last night he texted me saying he missed me as I am out of town. On the other hand he rarely responds to my texts very fast he is late all of the time and almost every time we are together we end up having sex. Not to mention we don't use condoms and he bought a pack and the next day it was open and one was gone. (Which is weird because we are together almost every day) so as guys what does it look like when you are planning to settle down?

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  • Wants to date possibly

  • Sounds like it's just sex. If a man is into you he will respond quite quick or make the time to plus you don't use condoms but he bought some and one was missing. You aren't the only girl. Use protection!

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