Has anyone ever been on a dinner date with a friend, but that friend had the wrong idea thinking you like he/she more than friends?

Lets say you're on a dinner date with one of your friends, and that person tried to come out of the friend zone by trying to get your number and you had to let that person know, you don't think of him/her in that way. Has that ever happen to you before?

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  • If that person is your friend, wouldn't they already have your number? Personally, if a guy wanted to go out for dinner with me whom I wasn't even good enough friends with to have each others' phone numbers yet, I would assume it was a date.


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  • Getting your number isn't necessarily then hitting on you. If they are a friend it is intirely poossivle they want it for friendly reasons. Now if they made an actual move, then they may be trying something


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