Is it strange that I'm not interested in falling in love? Or finding someone?

Its not like I haven't had that dream, I always wanted to fall in love and never messed around because I wanted to experience something with someone I love and not have any messy experiences. However, no guy ever commits to me and I am now conditioned to believe it will never happen. I even feel 100% sure that even if a guy shows interest, he won't actually want to have a relationship with me. I gave up 2 years ago, then met a guy who did everything right..there were no red flags and we got along like a house on fire. We laughed all day, fought every week and made up and got closer every month. But eventually, when things were getting serious (after a year) he decided he didn't want it. All the guys have done this, they were all good guys and I'm not exactly clingy or pushy or anything either. It just never went anywhere, despite having healthy situations. I was always clear I would not have sex unless I'm in a relationship and they all still wanted to date me and take things seriously. I think after my last heartbreak, I really broke down and I have recovered completely. I am not bitter towards love (know plenty of loving couples), I don't hate men (know and have known good guys) but I just don't have interest in love anymore. I don't want to go through all of it and I prefer being single and never falling in love ever again. But I wonder if thats weird since most people want to eventually meet someone but I somehow don't anymore?


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  • I mean sur every one is conditioned or maybe even slightly pressured to find that "someone" who loves you and will be your partner. The truth is sometimes people decide to be single either due to experiences like yours or just a choice is made by that person. There is nothing wrong with it, if you are happy and do not need someone to be with you to remain happy then why change it or force yourself to look for a relationship just because society or people around you want you to?

    • My thoughts exactly, but I still hide it from people. I pretend I am normal and open to something, I don't outright say I don't want it. It makes people wonder and think things. It sucks, I just don't feel the need to put in that energy..

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    • Well you should not have to miss out on all of the other things such as children and marriage just because you are different. I hope you find a guy who will be willing to commit to you and do all of those things for you because anyone who truly wants that like you, should be able to have it.

    • Thanks for MHO 😁

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  • There is nothing wrong with the choice to stay single.


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