Girls, how do I make myself lose feelings for this girl?

I know a lot of you of read my questions but it waa about a girl I work with we became friends abd over time I developed feelings for her. I wanna lose these feelings because I dont believe she wants to date me I asked her a couple time on Facebook if she would be interested in a date she never responded so from that I know what the answer was so please ladies how do I block this out of my mind and go back to how I was before


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  • 1) Find something that you dislike about her and expound on that. Her allure will begin to dim.

    2) You can block her on FB or simply ignore her at work/be cordial.

    • I was thinking about blockibg her on Facebook but ignoribg her at work would be hard

    • I'm good at ignoring people so it would be a breeze. Just simply avoid where you know where she will be at unless if you work in close quarters.

    • Thats tge situation like I can't ignore her if she asks me to get her sonething over the radio

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  • Don't force it because then your feelings are going to get stronger :P I think you should let time pass and soon you won't even care anymore. I don't think there's really anything you can do about that haha

    • Yeah its just pointless cause from what I heard she dosent date mixed guys

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    • Do you havr a kik or Facebook

    • No unfortunately I have no social media other than this & Skype (forgot the damn password to that) hahaha I know its lame. But I'm glad my face isn't always planted on my phone. it's nice to see the world

  • try to find another girl

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