How do feminists expect to be "treated equally" when their biological nature says otherwise?

It's so contradicting, we're told to not ask women out in public because it constitutes "sexual harrassment", but women like guys that ask first. Then they go "Oh, well in an equal world, women would also take responsibility to ask men out"... okay, when does that ever happen? Women always whine about being objectified, but they love to be dominated in bed with all this sick, perverted shit... it's like "STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!... but treat me like a piece of meat and degrade me in bed"


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  • I don't think you know the differences between feminism and Missandry or approaching and harassing.
    Feminism is the belief that women should be able to go to school, leave the house without male assistance, work.
    Mosander is the hatred of men
    Many misandrists have called themselves feminist but that's a lie. They jut want to dominate not seek social equality.
    But feminists all about social equality. So maybe if we all just referred to people the right way things would make a lot more sense now wouldn't they.

    Harassing and approaching.
    I don't want a guy on the street to yell at me "hey baby why don't we go back to my place", "I wonder what you look like without that shirt on". Because I hunk that's just nasty and rude because you don't know who your offending
    Now I'm fine with being approached "hey I saw you over there and thought you seemed nice". See that's the difference between approaching me and just yelling vulgarity my way

    And girls should ask guys out more. And feminism is helping women understand they're men's equals and that there's no reason to be scared to approach guys. But maybe if you stopped squashing feminism then irks could learn about it, feel empowered and ask you on a date. Making girl feel ashamed to be empowered is the last way to give them the courage to approach you

    • Perfectly phrased. You're awesome.

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    • Right, I don't yell crass things at women on the street, that's understandable. What I have an issue with is radical feminists who claim that you should never bother women in public because it's "sexual harassment", I don't mean like "HEY BITCH, NICE TITTIES", but what you phrased as the appropriate way to approach women would still offend a lot of feminists.

    • @Asker feminist or misandrists. Like I said things about the actions of the the woman not just what he calls herself.
      If a guy said I dot think all race are equal but I'm not a racist, then heard him drop the n word all the time; your probably assume he was a racist and trying to be a wolf in Sheeps clothing, right.
      So now to all the women who say rude ridiculous thins about men aren't just nice feminist who want gender equality. They're misandrists, look at their actions to tell the difference.
      Don't lump us together, just take a minute and think about the difference

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  • Whatever you say bud...

    If you can't figure out the difference between approaching a woman respectfully and harassing her, then that's your issue, not ours (and I say "ours" as both a woman who exists in public and as a feminist).

    As for not wanting to be objectified but sometimes wanting certain types of things in bed - you're the one who is construing how to treat human beings in regular, day-to-day life and engaging in mutually satisfying and consensual activities. Just because a woman gets turned on by certain types of activities in the bedroom doesn't mean she should be treated disrespectfully in her daily life.

    I like it when m boyfriend is aggressive in the bedroom, but I sure as shit wouldn't appreciate it if he started pushing me around all the time or pushing himself on me sexually when I don't want it.

    It's about respecting other people and treating them with dignity. What a person desires in the bedroom has nothing to do with it and is none of your business (unless you are their partner, in which case, you discuss your mutual wants and needs and tell one another what you are or are not comfortable with, and what things you are interested in doing).

    • Feminists don't want men to approach women period. There's a difference between approaching and harassing, correct, but feminists consider walking up to a woman in public sexual harassment. Women want men to be dominant not only in bed, but in real life, it turns them on. They want to feel protected and have a man do all this chivalrous shit for them, are women going to do that for men? I don't see much of it, because whenever men actually do want that they're looked at as "pussies" or "not real men"

    • I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I think you have a skewed vision of what feminism is because I can tell you for sure that feminists don't act like the way you perceive them to act.

    • If that's what you're determined to think, I doubt I'm gonna be able to change that. But, by all means, continue preaching to a self proclaimed feminist what it is I actually want...

  • So first there's a difference between feminism and radical feminism. Feminism is men and women standing together equally, and radical feminism is basically women over men.

    I don't think our sexual preferences or how we get down in the sheets, should dictate how we are treated outside the bedroom.
    Like a girl may want to act slutty, but she only wants to act slutty with you. Feel me? We want to know we are more then that. Just because someone wants to be kinky in bed, dominated, whatever else. Doesent give anyone the right to treat any other human being rudly or objectify them. And that goes for all people. Not just women.

    It's the nitpicking, and the radical feminist that give women and feminism a bad wrap.

  • With me, being equal means I have right to choose what I want to be and do. It is important I have a choise. I agree though that sone 'feminazis' have gone way too far so that men can't have equal choise. It is not fair.

    Also wanting something in bed has nothing to do with objectifying. Having a fantasy and getting dominated.(with concent) is not related to what I want to experience everyday everywhere.


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  • Think of it this way: when a stranger comes up to you and says "what's up motherfucker", you'll be pretty mad due to the lack of respect. But if your best friend comes to you and says the same thing, you'll just play along because he knows it's just fun and he still respects you.
    The same thing applies with women, if you go to a rrandom girl in the streets and say "hey, that ass is thirsty" you're treating her without respect and you're harassing her. But when you're having sex, she wants some weird stuff because it's for fun, and you respect her, you're not thinking you're better than her.

    I do believe girls should approach guys too, not believe that because they're a girl they deserve to be approached, but until recent years, men were expected to do all the approach, so women aren't used to that, and it takes some time to get used to it, but they gotta try though.

  • Because biology and the natural universe are obviously sexist and wrong, Bruh. In all seriousness, it's only the crazy radicals that act like existence itself and every external source are wrong. and I think that deep down, they even think that they're annoying.

  • Don't try to make sense of feminism. It's not possible.

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