Girls, a client of mine (girl) asks me out; we have a great date; I ask her out again; no response. Is thus a dud?

She asks me out, we have a great lunch, lasts 1 hour, 15 mins, we talk business for 3 minutes.

The rest of the time its pretty much a date, we talked about ourselves, she plays with her hair, bit her lips, her body language plus level of interest was really good. I know when a date is bad, and I know when a date is amazing and I feel a connection. This was definitely a latter.

I message her after, thanking her for coming for lunch, she says thanks back, we agree we should do it again.

I ask her for lunch again, no response...

a) is this pretty much a dud?
b) is she playing hard to get since she initiated?

We are still working together (on a new project) .. so nothing has changed in that sense. She could have chosen not to after the fact, but everything is cool in that regard.

  • It's a dud bro
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  • She is playing hard to get
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  • You're over thinking this shit; move on fool
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  • How long since you asked? Have you seen her in person since asking for another date?

    • I asked her last week.
      We've communicated about work the past few days, but no I have not seen her in person.

      I swear the date went amazing too, so I'm confused.
      She did say she recently broke up with her boyfriend she was living with...

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    • Well I would just leave it to her at this point and not hold your breath. She could just be busy and assumes you know she wants second date. On the other hand she could have just said that to be nice. Really 50/50

    • Yup, I think so too. Thank you.

  • Haha - your options are funny...
    Sounds like it went well - maybe she's married?

    • No she's definitely not married. She spoke about how she was using some dating app recently. Told me she broke up recently too.

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    • Thanks for the advice, and thank you for the compliment, I appreciate that :)

    • You're welcome.
      Good luck:-)