What dos he mean by this?

in a long distance thing it isn't serious but it's lasted 17 months , I have noticed that when he has time off work he hardly chats to me or its short and sweet but when he's at work it's non stop
conract . He seems to be more busy with his friends who he's off work and he didn't even bother to text me like he usually does and when I do he will say he's missed me ! If he missed me why didn't he message me then ?! I'm finding him selfish I joking said things are on his terms then he replied what terms do you want me on ? What did he mean by this

I haven't replied to
That because I don't know what to reply with?
I meant what did he mean by this not dos


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  • Just tell him never mind and that you just feel like he doesn't text you enough when he's off work. Do not expect him to ditch his friend time for you especially since it's not serious. But just tell him pretty much what you just typed and he'll probably understand

    • He's switched his phone off doesn't that say it all? :(