First date (s) rules? Help?

I've been on a few dates with this guy - he's nice I like him but there's one thing putting me off. On all our dates he'll buy me a drink or coffee but when we go to eat a meal or do an activity like the zoo or aquarium - I always pay the Bill. Today for example we went for coffee then for a walk. After we decided to go eat - we get the bill and first thing he says is "Shall we split it?" .."I said no I'll pay thinking, surely he's not going to make me pay AGAIN?" But nope, he says "okay".. Am I being over the top? I don't know? I don't mind paying/sharing but I kinda feel like the first 2 or so dates a guy at least pays... Correct me if I'm wrong?


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  • Ugh. No. I think this guy may be frugal, he may be used to a woman paying, or he believes that you two should foot the bill. I don't know. I'm not "traditional" only when it benefits the vagina, but men are courting US to gain our favor. So why shouldn't they try to many things to get us like paying the bill?

    I agree with you. But I wouldn't pay for anything until we're exclusive. I don't mind footing then... even though it's still strange to me.

    • Yeah it's strange to me aswell.
      A relationship I understand it's good if you both pay sometimes but when you're still just getting to know each other and going on dates... I thought he'd pay a couple times to start with

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  • When I got out I usually pay first or we split it after that I have seen her pay for a meal but it's it just manners for the gentleman to pay first I would say yes but it depends on the person. He might not have a great income he might feel rude declining your offer
    Might not want to insult you it's a tough one


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  • Seems strange that he'd let you pay every time for the more expensive dates... he should be insisting on paying every other time.

    Women should certainly pay our share of the dates as well, but not all of them!!