How do you get over PTSD and rejection?

due to traumaI acquired PTSD due to my biological mother she would leave me leave me a car in 105 degree weather for hours on end and Ultimately rejecting me from her life this affects me in trying to ask women out or even walking up and talking to women im atracted to I get really nervous and really scared thinking what if they reject me and when I get rejected I go into the cycle where I feel like I am worthless not worth anything and pretty much feel like ending my life but I don't do it that's what rejection does to my mind in the way of thinking which I know is not good what should I do how do I stop this from affecting my life.


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  • Sorry to hear about your mother cooking you alive and leaving you.

    Rejection is apart of life and you must learn that in order to succeed you must first realise that you might get rejected.
    And if you go up to them look on the bright side... at least you had the ball and went up to them.
    How are you ever gunna know if you don't ask.