Guys, what is your opinion on dating a girl who looks way younger than her age; I mean someone who could be mistaken for jail bait?

Ok. First things first. I am asking for future reference to keep in the back of my mind. I am 20 and look 14. I'm a little behind as far as acting like a true adult. I'm not ready to date. I'm curious what your thoughts and opinions are about dating a girl who is 20 22 25 and still looks like she is in high school. Wouldn't it be embarrassing? If I act more like my real age does that cancel out in a guys opinion that I look 6 years younger?
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  • I would date a women who only looks like she is still a minor. As long as she doesn't act like a child.
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  • I don't care how mature she is. If she looks like jail bait, I'm staying far far away.
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  • looks younger? I wouldn't see why that be an issue , as long is you had proper id you could still get into a bar if you were legal age and do stuff like that. and most people around town would know you and know you older than you look. so I wouldn't see why it be an issue to most guys


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  • I don't care if she looks young, usually that's a good thing. And I don't care if people think we have a huge age gap, cause if they call me out then I'll just tell them otherwise and they'll be embarrassed.
    I know a girl like this and she definitely attracts younger guys though.

  • if she was looking 14 i uess i'd not even notice her basiclaly...

  • i would still date her even marry maybe

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