I think I'm just convenient to him, how to fix this?

Okay, maybe the headline question could be better worded...BUT...there is this guy i met at his workplace where he worked and I studied often. That is about the only time we would see each other, except when we went out once. He would keep saying "lets go out again" to which I would reply "yeah just let me know when" and it would never happen. So we would only interact/flirt at his workplace. He was then relocated to another store so I didn't see him for a good two months (even though we texted a lot), but wouldn't initiate a hang out. We have a class together now, and it's only once a week, and we only hang out after that class. He claims to be interested and wants "more adventures with me" but this is as far as he takes it. I even told him not to feel pressured or feel like he has to ask me to hang out every week after class, it's okay if we don't hang out every week, and he responds "I wouldn't ask you to hang out if I didn't want to," but I can't help but feel like it's pressured and convenient, since he doesn't initiate anything else all week. How do I get out of hanging out with him some weeks? I already used an excuse last week after class.


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  • He isn't interested, he's just giving you the most polite and platonic response though. If he wanted to spend more time with you then he would make it happen. If he isn't asking to, it's because he doesn't want to.

    • I understand that, but I'm saying how can I "politely" yet obviously, get out of his generic "lets get food after class" requests, which usually ends up with us slightly buzzed and hanging out at his apt. How can I politely get out of it...

    • You can either confront him and say "but it never happens", or just keep politely responding. Or ignore him all together.

  • say you're hanging out with some one else.

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