not sure what to do... really weird situation?

Full story:

Found girl on an online dating site, got chatting. I ask girl out she responds "whats your Facebook we can talk on there"

after 2 days we finally become Facebook friends, chat for a bit more on Facebook. I say to her "So are you busy this weekend"? last Wednesday, she see's the message and doesn't respond.

So on Saturday I message her a " ;) " not trying to seem too desperate 3 day rule and all that, no response again...

now i'm not sure what to do it has now been over a week since I had a reply. I have a complete stranger on my Facebook friends list, she is definitely real and I can see all her friends/families posts etc. She can see all my Facebook and my wall etc. This is so weird and now I am like wtf??

I asked a few friends and they all said leave it, so should I?? Just keep this random stranger as a Facebook friend??


any more comments?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If it were me in your position, I'd delete him. But it depends on how attached you are to your privacy on there, and if you want to leave the door open to any possibilities with her in the future.

    • ok. Do I wait for a response? May give it like a month or so then delete

What Guys Said 1

  • Her answer to the question is no.

    If you like her, let her come to you. No woman really wants an easy guy or someone who is always available. The sea if full of girls go find another.

    • so do I delete or what?

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