What are tips for being a good kisser?

I've only kisses one guy before...and I don't think he knew what he was doing. His kissing style was rushed and sloppy, and his idea of French kissing was darting his tongue inside my mouth. I know I lack experience, but I know that's not right. Can you guys give me some tips for how to be a good kisser? And do you prefer a girl not to wear any lipstick/ lipgloss when kissing?


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  • Don't wear lipstick when you are going to have French kiss...

    Use mint or mouth wash before kiss, kiss slowly, in passion, etc kiss until you are tired... :D


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  • DO NOT PUCKER!! If you oucker your lips you look like you ate a lemon and your trying to hard.


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  • Oh God i feel you...
    head for one lip ( let's say the lower lip) and kiss it at first ( surround it by ur 2 lips) , then gently suck it
    and from there I things let things be... it doesn't much time to perfect it
    don't think about it too much
    as for the lipgloss , my bf hates it when it gets all over his face
    so wear it before u see the guy for a while and let be sth with a nice smell


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