Guys, I like two boys and they are best friends, I have a complicated past with both. read detail. what do I do?


okay so details: (important so read)
I dated this guy (a) and (A) has a best friend (b) and so when I was dating (A) I began to get feelings for (B) and things just weren't woking out with (A) bc he is really shy and barely talks to me at school ahah so i broke up with him. I still like him tho (slut Ik :/ ) EVERYONE always says (B) and I flirt 24/7 but he's like my best guy friend and I guess we do flift kinda a lot but I never thought he meant it anyway (B) told me he liked me (when a and I were broken up) and I told (B) I liked him back but then like a week later (A) told me he liked me again and I don't know why I said same I mean I do but I had already told (B) I liked him and now I feel awful bc they are best friends and they both have good amazing qualities. (A) is shy but he is super nice (co cap of bball team) (B) is soooo cute and he isn't afraid to talk to me and he always messes around with me and he has been my best guy friend since 6th grade (I'm in 9th) and no it wouldn't ruin the friendship(he is also co captain of bball team 😁😁) I just don't know who to choose bc they are both amazing and IDEK if any of them would actually "want me" since they are best friends. what do I do?


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  • Girl, you put yourself in a tough spot.

    1st - Its okay, you can date my best friend and I won't be mad. - said no guy ever! Doesn't even happen in movies.
    2nd - in my opinion you think you like B. Its like he's a rebound from your relationship with A. Look at the timing. You and A breakup and B tells you he likes you. He sounds more a candidate for friends with benefits then bf material.

    I think the safest way is for you to try things out with A first and clarify to B that you won't flirt with him or any other guy because you're dating A. If it doesn't work out with A and you still have feelings for B, you found your answer. You were feeling pity for A.


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