How do I get her back?

First of all I'm a guy on my friends account. I had this friend, and I treated her real crappy, she told me She liked me and I told her I was talking to someone, I ditched her birthday, and I never really texted her except one word responses. I basically didn't care for her feelings. But she won't text me back anymore she won't look at me She won't talk to me. And I realized she was the one, but now it's too late? How do I get her back?


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  • "I basically didn't care for her feelings"

    So you treated her like crap and now "I realized she was the one"?

    Let her be, move on.

    • But that is the problem I can't. I can't stop thinking about her. She is the one. It just took forever to realize it.

    • Well sucks for you.

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  • Too bad. You only want what you can't have. She deserved better and realized that for herself. Learn the lesson. Don't harrass her or persistantly ask for another chance, you were mean and selfish and rude, if you genuinely cared for her you wouldn't have treated her badly in the first place.

    • But I didn't realize it until she was gone.

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    • Nah you're the immature one.

    • I think you need to listen to every other person who says the same thing as me. You were a douche and she wised up. Deal with it.

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  • You've fucked with her head too much. If you care about her then leave her alone. She has finally realised how much of an ass you are and she is making the best decision ever. Don't interfere.

    • But I think I love her

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    • How do you know that?

    • You don't just realise you love someone magically. It builds up. And from the way you treated her, yeah you miss her (being under your thumb) but it doesn't mean you love you.

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