Conversation with a shy girl?

2 months back I approached this girl and tried to ask her out but she she told me that she already has a b.f but when I countered her by saying that it was a classic way of saying that she was not interested she blushed and wasn't able to say anything after that. But her body language was like she was lying as she was still learning towards me and didn't step back even after I countered her " I already have a b.f" statement. After that she wasn't able to talk to as she was feeling a kind of a discomfort or may be she was scared or shy. But lately in last 1 week she became slightly comfortable & she even initiated 1 or 2 small talks. But yesterday when I tagged along her group of girls I had to start the talks but she didn't. Her group was bigger than usually yesterday. It was a group of 6+1 in which I was close to 3 of them. She usually hanging with a group of 1 or 2. So it was a big group for her. I don't really know what happened to her that day. And I'm quite sure that she don't have a b.f. as I've done some survey on Facebook and her body language on the day I approached her didn't really say that she has a b.f. But have to say that she is quite SHY girl, SHY means REAL SHY.
What do u think is going in her mind. Any suggestions.


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  • Regardless of whether or not she's shy, if she lied to you by using the BF excuse, she's not into you.

    Otherwise, she would have accepted your offer. She didn't. She could have shot herself in the foot due to her insecurities or automatically reject guys as a defense mechanism, but I'm "reaching" as it were. I know nothing about this girl so I can't assume anything.

    If she lied, she's not into you.

    • Then why did she try to start a talk with me when I started to distance my self from her. She should have simply avoided to start a talk with me, right.

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