Who believes in the law of attraction for finding love?

I used to be a big believer of the law of attraction. I don't anymore, I used to follow the whole, vision, believe, receive crap. After a few years I gave up because I basically didn't see it make sense with my surroundings. One of my friends is a big believer of it so I tried to explain why it does not exist. She never thought she would fall in love, she thought her parents would find someone and she would settle for a guy. Me on the other hand, I was 100% sure I would eventually meet someone who was worth the wait so I never really stressed about it. Today, she met a guy 10 years ago and is set to marry him. I have never even had a long term relationship, I also never meet anyone. So in this case, LOA fails because in order to receive, you have to believe. Therefore, because of such instances and realisations I do not believe it exists. But I wonder if people have seen it work for them?


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  • Law of attraction can work for you but there's more factors that have to go into finding the right person than just believing that the universe will conspire to work in your favor. If you solely depend on law of attraction you'll be sitting in a fantasy world for a long time. Gotta put in a little more work than belief and chance

    • Yeh you have to put yourself out there, be open and willing. Still not true, its pure luck and coincidence I believe

    • Almost everything is luck and coincidence. Some have more luck than others, some find love quicker yada yada. My greatest relationship happened in coincidental manner, and I wasn't even looking for it. Law of attraction didn't take place until after we got to know eachother a bit. In my opinion, finding that right someone is always luck and coincidence first.

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  • I know of it but I don't have any interest in it nor am I even curious to read up on it lol.

    • Yeh don't waste your time. My friends told me to when I was 19, I was young and naive so I took it seriously. Got my wake up call a little later :P. Thank god I'm not the only one.

  • this is based off "faith" its a mixture of all these ancient biblical teachings etc

    it works but you have to work hard as well and be sensible as well... its not magic.

    its just when you have an attitude of expecting and accepting, theings work to your favour in the presence of an opportunity.

    you still have to have common sense. this teaching is a cherry on top but not the cake.

  • There is no magic. Here is the truth:


    • this is real magic to me, I believe in it.


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    • Yeh I don't believe in the magical effects of it. But even if it has some science behind it, it doesn't really add up in the real world. Or not in the world that surrounds me. I think luck (the only word I can think of) plays a major role. i. e. coincidences. I mean two people are working for the same prize. One believes he will get it, works hard, does all the right things but still the other person gets it? where is loa in this? And when it comes to love, I was always positive and open because I believed in LOA. I learned to be open to anything, it can happen anywhere at any moment so be open to that. I also believed we attract what we focus on, I focussed on finding pure long-lasting healthy love. Never got shit..

    • Just like I said, it doesn't guarantee you anything, and it is not a universal force, it is simple psychology that is subject to all sorts of confounding factors, many of which is environment. But when it comes down to it, the abusive boyfriend finds the woman who lets herself be abused. They "attract" each-other. I am getting the impression you didn't watch the whole video...

  • M just here to read the comments...
    But I don't think it work like this... Bcz it involves two people what if other one hates you with same intensity you love him/her.

    • yea its not to attract a specific person, but a perfect partner. Bullocks anyway

  • What do you exactly mean by the law of attraction if you could plzz

    • Hmm well it holds that you have to reach the "same vibrational level of what you want to attract". So if you want a certain type of partner, you have to believe it will happen and the universe will conspire to bring it to you. At the same time you have to have the positive energy and belief that it will happen, work on maintaining that level by going to the right places, postiive etc.

    • Like As in the book "the secret"
      I read it and really liked the book
      I find it true sometimes like if you want to be happy you gotta believe that you are :)

    • I mean what you think of the most appears as your life
      It's pretty much the line from the book don't remember exactly

  • no
    men are lonely universe doesn't give a shit about us small insignificant creatures


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