Out of a pair of girls which would you choose?

When (I'm sure most guys have been in such situation) you meet two attractive girls, that are best friends, and one of them is even more attractive than another (be it looks or personality), and they both seem to like you, which one do you choose?

The answer would have seemed obvious to me before, but now I realized guys don't always choose the "better" girl, sometimes they go for the one they like less just because they know she won't reject them or it's more simple with her. Is that true?

What if it's not the case when girls will fight over you? You can choose whom to flirt with and it has nothing to do with their friendship really. Also, by "better" I meant the guy's own opinion. Sometimes they seem to go out with a girl THEY like less.


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  • Well what make her the "better" girl? Maybe in his eyes the second girl is "better". He may find her more attractive. People have different tastes. This is one reason I am not afraid to be rejected anymore, because I know that there are some girls out there who just don't find me attractive whether it be looks or personality. On the other hand there are girls who would do anything for me because in their eyes I am the most gorgeous man to walk the earth or I have the best personality ever. It's all a matter of taste.

    So I don't think it is true, unless he is dating her because he knows it will make you jealous.


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  • Neither.

    I have been in this situation enough times to know that if you pick one, the other will get upset. Eventually, since they are best friends (or sisters) they will make up, and decide that you (the guy) are a jerk for making them fight (women are great at the blame game), and then they both turn on you. So now, you are left without a girlfriend, and two women that don't like you (which with the invention of the telephone and internet means that at least 4 million other women are going to hear about what a home wrecker you are).

    On the other hand, if you are gracious, and let them know you could never come between their friendship, then you get some brownie points, so now you have 2 women that think you are great and will talk you up (which means about 2 other women will hear about it).

    This situation is like playing with fire. Sure it can be really fun, but when things go wrong, it get really messy.

    Best wishes.

  • Would I get to speak to either of them before I make my choice. Attractiveness is definitely what would be seen first. But I wouldn't be able to hold ground with someone who is not a good conversationalist. So if happens to be the one who is more attractive then the choice is made. :-)

  • I have been through this before with twin sisters that were best friends. I hung out with both of them and found the less attractive one was a better person. So I went out with her instead.


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