Relationships and college?

Me and my boyfriend have been on and off for four years and we are about to graduate soon any tips for helping the relationship while in college? Like if we can't see each other or worried about losing each other


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  • If you are already on and off you have absolutely no hope in hell of holding together a long term long distance relationship. It just won't happen trust me. You'll meet new people and so will he.


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  • I think that if y'all have already been on and off it more than likely wouldn't work out between you two. Especially when the both of you will be attending college. He will be meeting new females and you will be meeting new males... Best to not take that chance with a long distance relationship because if you try that you or him will probably get desires of wanting to feel love, considering the both of you wouldn't be able to provide the physical affection with eachother the both of you might desire it from another. For the best break it off. Stay friends enjoy college and when you get out... Maybe you two will start fresh.


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