I dont know how to handle this, im really confused, can someone help me?

so last weekend we started dating. actually she invited me to her grandmas birthday party. I know her mom and stepdad. they were there as well. I was a bit nervous because i only wanted to come because she was there.

apperantly her ex is a selfish person, who cheated on her, and wanted to start a new relationship with a new girl. he spends most of the money and his own needs. while she and her son barely have something to eat. he is not really interested in his son, and treated her like garbage all the time they were together.

her family didn't like him. i felt comfortable with her family, and they really seemed to like me. they all told her she should take me, which i never asked for. she feels pressured by all these people. i never asked for it. we kissed that same evening, a few times, and next day the same.

so we planned a date for today and she canceled it yesterday, half hour after telling me she was looking forward to today. she writes me she wants to be on her own, etc..i dont know where this sudden change of heart comes from. she still has contact with her ex, and lives at their appartment.

now today i talked to her mom, and she wrote her mom how i annoyed her, i dont know how and why. she writes me mostly, sending sweet texts, telling me to write her etc... i really dont know what i did to annoy her.

i like her a lot and thought she thought the same. im not sure how to handle this situation because i feel like i should just keep quiet for a few days, and im not pressuring her. she asked me to come today, to go swimming with her son, to sleep over at her place. i didn't do any of that, i just agreed. she says she is very confused and i understand but she is twisting it around. that doesn't feel fair to me.

what should i do, and will she come around, especially since her ex is stirring things up, simply because his new relationship failed and he sees that she is seeing someone new.


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  • It seems like she needs to sort some things out in her life. Just make sure that she knows you're there to support her and maybe try to ask her what's going on because it really isn't fair to shut you out like that with all of the confusion. Tell her that you just want to know where you guys stand and whats going on simply for clarity and that you aren't pressuring her or anything. It's just to ease your mind.

    • some people told me, just let her be for a few days. she now blocked her mom on fb, and has a fight with her. i dont get what its about. her mom hates the ex bf of her daughter, simply because he cheated on her, left her with her child for someone else and now that it didn't work out, he is jealous because she is dating me. he doesn't give a damn about her and their son. he spends most of the money on bs. he drinks, etc... her mom is angry that she stays in that appartment for another 3 months, and appartment they share. i come along, we had a great time, we kissed she asked me over etc... sending me all these sweet messages and out of nowhere she gets distant, writes her mom that i annoy her, etc... i really dont know what i did. everybody is pressuring her, and me but i want to take things slow with her, as we agreed to. i dont get it why she thinks im responsible for any of it. ill let her be for 3 days , than text her how she is doing and ask her if she wants to meet to talk with me

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