I'm always the dumpee, this has made me give up on love altogether. Anyone else in the same situation?

I just don't want to feel like the only screw up in this world. My friends and family have never had as bad luck as I have. Tbh I can't decide whether its that I always got dumped, or rejected. Either way, guys never want to be with me for the long-term thing. So they leave once they realise its becoming serious. Is anyone else as unworthy of love? I used to think everyone deserves love, guess not...


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  • I've kinda had that happen a few times where I open up and then not appreciated then get pushed away, meh.

    Those that are worth it will stay in your life those that aren't will just fade into the background. But that's only if you're willing to go through the whole painful process of risking your heart.

    Love is like a blackhole you risk everything by entering into it not knowing how it may affect you while in the midst of it and where you'll end up at the end of it.

    • And it hasn't affected your willingness to take the risk? Because I am never taking a risk again, decided!

    • It has affected me so its always hard to let me just really give in, but if the right person comes around and it feels right I love hard. I'm at that point again where I'm like fuck love and just going back into self isolation though lol... It's always a risk.. but as they say no risk no reward.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • I do not know about you or I being unworthy of love, but the two relationships I have had I have also been the dumpee so do not feel too bad. You do too deserve love!

    • How come you don't take being dumped personally? Maybe its because you are young and don't have as much baggage? Not sure..

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    • Its the nice guys who reject me. I am good at weeding out the bad ones and reject those. So yea.. I give up... I don't have any options left

    • Aww sorry :/

  • I broke up with an ex of 5 years in 2013 and kinda mutually broke up with someone I had a long distance thing with and since then I've dated so much and I'm usually the type to always have a gf but lately I just don't know if it's that I'm scared of something serious because I have a wall up or just haven't found the right one. I'm an optimist so go you and myself I say just keep looking, things will change eventually and it may take a while and as clichè as it is, I do believe there's someone out there for everyone. You'll find someone don't give up :)


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