How do I move on?

So..there's this guy I like to make a long story short! I think I missed my chances with this guy!

It breaks my heart to think about not being able to get to know him more, I get sick at the thought I might not see him again!

There's no other guy in my life who I want to go out with! This guys been the ONLY person I've ever had feelings for! I don't want to be in a relationship with anyone other them him!

What am I going to do? Please help!


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  • Yeah I I'm in a similar situation, very hard

    • Do you think time will heal? I mean I thought he liked me! And I've tried everything I know to make him think I like him! But, I'm starting to wonder if he thinks I'm a creeper now! :(

    • I doubt he thinks that

    • Yeah! I hope he doesn't think that! I mean he was the one who initiated us going to a wedding for the first date and he really didn't even know me... right? not saying he's a creeper...

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  • won't you stay in contact with him?

    • I've tried! We really don't know eachother that well, to my knowledge he doesn't own a phone and Im pretty sure doesn't have internet... so I tried to talk to the brother to tell him and all... and I've sent him a letter! But, I don't know if he ever got it or if his brother told him.

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