Guys please help! What does this mean?

So this guy asks me out! It totally caught me off guard I said no! :( I regret my answer! Well, when i finally saw him again to tell him! I was sorry! And wanted another chance maybe to go for coffee or something! He was with another girl! And I'm pretty sure they were dating when he asked me! What does that mean, why do you play with girls hearts like that? Please help!
Do you think they had a fight and he was trying to make her jealous? Or do you think he really wanted to get to know me! And when I turned him down.. he went back to his GF?
And this guy is like 26 years older then me! I'm almost 21... and I really like him! And his brothe told me he was single! So would a 40 something year old man really come back for a 21 year old!


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  • oh oh relax basically...

    try to forget what happened... don't blame yourself...:-)

    • Okay! Well, it's not that simple! Because I kinda still like this guy... and I found out he was single! But, he's brother kicked him outta the house because the girlfriend was apparently crazy! (I got to know his brother after the guy left and his brother told me what happened!) I still wanna get to know this guy.

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