Girls, could u please answer this?

I have some self confidence issues, I am not very popular in my school and I never kissed a girl or dated one before I am afraid I will never find a gf, and I am really desperate
What should I do, is there something wrong with me?


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  • First off, you're a cute guy so nothing to be worried about there. Second, not everyone dates in high school and you know what? That's okay! It gives you time to focus on what's important which is shcool, possibly a job, but most importantly, yourself! Use this time you have being single to focus on you and then girls will gravitate towards you because you'll have a strong sense of who you are which will help you be more confident! Being confident isn't about being the best or thinking you're the best, it's about valuing the good in yourself and being proud of those attributes :)

    • This is really just a good and useful answer thank you 😃

    • You're welcome 😁
      Haha oops, I meant *school! Kind of ironic I spelled that word incorrectly.

    • Thanks for MHO! 😊

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  • No, there's nothing wrong with you. It sounds cliche and it's probably not what you want to hear but sometimes it's just not meant to be with a person. You'll find people you like but they may not like you back but that's not your fault, it's not personal. You're only 17, I don't think you realize how young that is. You have plenty of time to become more confident in yourself and not determined your self-worth or confidence on whether or not a girl likes you and when you have gained that you'll realize people have "types". Don't stress.

  • What am I answering? There's no question.


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