Guys, i've been sort of seeing a guy for 4 months now and at first he was SUPER into me but now it seems like he's lost interest?

He also said multiple times that he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship when we first started hanging out. I was not so sure about the relationship at first and had some hangups, but I'm pretty much over those now and want to be official. But ever since the beginning of February he's been acting super weird, and hardly ever asks me to hang out anymore, and we don't hang out unless i initiate it, and he's super unreliable and makes excuses a lot of the time. We also have not had sex or even kissed in a month. I really do like him and want to continue the relationship but i dont know how to bring it up. I dont want to text him about it but i feel like i need to because i dont know when ill see him next. Should i text him saying we should talk? or just wait until i see him next? This has been really eating at me for weeks now and when we do hang out we are often not in situations where i can just bring it up out of nowhere. He keeps telling me I'm crazy and that he still likes me but he really doesn't show it ever.


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  • He may have met another girl that's more pleasant to be around. If he's not even having sex with you, then he may be done with you. Meet up with him in person to talk about it, but don't make it a big deal. Just let him know that you want to know where he stands if you he wants to continue the relationship.


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