I'm afraid guys won't date me?

im really afraid guys won't date me because of my acne. I'm getting surgery for it over the summer so hopefully that makes it go away. It's not that bad but I mean it's more than two or three pimples. I'm really insecure about it and I can't make eye contact because I'm afraid whoever I'm talking to is judging my skin and I hate it so much. I wear make up but then I'm insecure too because I don't want to be known as a girl who wears more face makeup than most girls or be known for having acne. Does acne make you not want to date a girl? What if she wears makeup to cover up the redness does that make you stay away too?


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  • '' It's not that bad'' but you're getting surgery for it? Just eat right and drink lots of water. By eat right I mean non greasy and lots of vitamin c.

    • I do but that doesn't seem to help at all. Trust me I've gone to many dermatologists and they say all they can do now is give me pills and do dermabrasion

    • Of course they would say that. $$$$$$$$

    • No trust me they've given me a lot of oral and topical medications but they don't work

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  • Almost everyone has experienced acne. I am 24 and i still have some of those darn zits once in a while. My boyfriend has acne problems too and he's in his 30s. he is still the most attractive guy out there and when I look at him, i dont notice his zits at all. He's so cute!

    I think guys out there will feel the same way they see someone they like. So yes I'm sure someone will find you attractive and they look past the acne to see a beautiful you.

    Makeup that won't make your skin even more oily and acne-prone should be worn if you do want to keep wearing makeup And as long as you're not caking it on your face then I think you'll be fine. Some guys don't care if a girl wears makeup or not!


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  • If you were older I'd date you. For whatever that's worth lol

  • I got cream for mine and it's gone.

    • Cream doesn't help me

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    • Thank you :)

    • You are beautiful!

  • thats like no acne u shouldn't be ashamed at all lol it happens to everyone.

    • But I get more than normal

    • show me a picture I doubt it. I have quite a bit and its not really a turn off cause its normal to happen.

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