What do you think of the situation between this girl and I?

So there is this girl I like, I have known her for a while, she is a year younger than me. I think she thinks I am ok. We get along pretty well, except for when we are both around lots of people, she starts acting rather condescending toward me. I really don't like it. She has three male interests in her life.
1) Her best friend who could very well turn out to be a love in her later life,
2) Her favourite, who she has a crush on.
3) Her little piece on the side, her "Little Cutie".
As far as I know, not really any guy has a crush on her. I never see anyone flirting with her. I probably don't have a chance with her, have you ever had it where you always, no matter how hard you try, end up looking like an idiot/dumb-dumb/weirdo in front of the person you like? I know she thinks well of me, once when I sat out on a dance in another room, she came looking for me, and was begging for me to come join everybody dancing because she thought I was the best dancer (I am known for my cossack/russian dancing). I came, joined in a bit for a while then left.
I would love to ask her out for a small date thing, but I KNOW that the chances of her saying yes are as slim as Twiggy's waist. She used to dislike dancing with people, and only recently started doing so. She is still quite shy about boy/girl things.
Tell me what you think about it!
Thank you. :)
Just pushing up the feed! :D


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  • If she treats you like that in public you need to let her know that isn't cool. It also seems like she has a lot of guys surrounding her, which means you have to think if you are ready to be committed to her, and she still be around those guys. I have guy friends, and I somebody I was dating told me I couldn't hang out with them, I wouldn't be happy. Just think, and make sure you are ready to be in this situation first. Then figure out whether you wanna take a chance or not.

    • Thank you. I do need to take my own dignity into consideration. You are right, I need to think about what position I want... I am pretty much ok with the first and last guys. It is the middle one I see red with when they are together. (chuckle) I suppose I just want to go on a few dates with her and for her to like me. :)

    • I understand, just make sure you know what you want first, so if you actually get somewhere, you know where to go.

  • She shouldn't act different in public with you. Maybe she is nervous or doesn't want others to know that she's interested in you. You need to make sure that you be in a relationship with someone that won't change towards you when you are around other people. The best thing to do is just ask her why she's acting like that not in a dominant way just generally, don't sound harsh or he could get put off you.


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