Both guys and girls: Has this ever happen to you? You have a crush on someone and he/she best friend has a crush on you? What did you do?

So I have a crush on my guy friend and everyone knows and he knows as well, but I don't think he likes me though but it seems like his best friend likes me because he flirts, teases me, and always gives me compliments. Also he starting to pick with his friend ( my crush ) and I don't know what to do they are both great guys but I think if I did went out with one of them someone heart will he broken.
And also my crush gets jealous but he still pushes me away and keep saying we are friends but acts weird when his friend talks to me


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  • Someone is always going to get their heart broken. Just gotta do whats best for you.

    • Thank you and if I do decide I would go with my crush best friend because he likes me and he will be more heart broken if I chose my crush that doesn't like me and plus I will never know I might be happy with him

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  • id go with the one ike more basically!

    • I want to as well but he keeps pushing me away, and he has told me if he likes a girl he will ask them out so obviously he doesn't like me because it has been a year and a half now and he went out with other girls and ended up having a gf but they broke up. I have known his friend for 3 months and he is showing more interest haha

  • No definitely never been there


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