Would women in late teens or early 20's not date a man the same age who was bald as in shaved bald?

I'm an 18 year old with a permanent case of TE a condition where scalp hair thins badly all over, so I am forced to shave it to the skin, I'm very worried this will make attracting a girl I'd like at any decent young age nearly impossible. I mean hell my own mother told me that I should be willing to date any girl now that I don't have hair, that really killed me, because this was something I take seriously, I only need one girl but I do have decently high standards and think everyone should to some extent, we have to find our partner attractive and the fact that my on mother basically said with no hair no girl I would be attracted to would go for me really kills me. I don't want sympathy I want truthful opinions if young women would or wouldn't be attracted to a young guy with no hair and ould or wouldn't be willing to date him. If I can handle my mom saying that I can handle anything you have say about it, even if its not what I want to hear.
  • I could be attracted to a young guy with a shaved bald head and date him if he was a decent guy
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  • sorry I really could not get past the no hair so young.
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  • at this age its a huge dealbreaker and will make dating next to impossible
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  • I didn't have to shave my head dude but trust me I've always had a very healthy dating life and it got even better since I did it. It's all about the confidence man. Rock it, it's not an easy look to pull it off but if you can and do it with confidence you have every right to be selective with who you pursue

    • Not trying to be cocky here but just trying to help more, I always go for the girl I find most attractive and the success rate is fantastic lol I've hooked up with aspiring models and all lol. It's a good look man

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    • I feel you man n hey I'm 5'10 too and skinny lol still doesn't hinder me. Another guy asked a similar question and a girl I don't even know on here tagged my name and said '@tmac725 pulls it off very well' we set ourselves apart from the whole comb over and beard thing now, it's good to be different. Look at it as an advantage not a disadvantage. And I'm white as hell too haha you're good man

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  • ughhh sorry to that hear that dude...

    but don't owrry because many girls like bald guys basically...:-)


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