[PLEASE MAKE AN OPINION] Randomly disappeared?

I was talking to this guy for about 3 months. I liked him a lot some I suggested we dated. He wasn't so sure because of the gap in age and he said his heart wouldn't really be in it. Anyways, I had an anxiety attack and stopped talking to him. I messaged him like, 2 weeks after. So, we talked and then we started dating. The last time I talked to him he was talking about the age gap. Then, the next day the Kik thing was on S and has been for a week. I messaged him on Skype and he hasn't replied. He also said he's been depressed recently. I'm worried he might not reply or if something happened to him or if he's trying to get away from me (he acted like a jerk so I wouldn't like him once)? Why do you guys think he may have disappeared? Is it my fault?


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  • He may not be attracted to you and is using the "age gap" as a nice way to let you know. If you are both under 18, that is probably the case. But, if he is over 18, then he also may just not want any legal problems and you should not drag him into trouble.


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