Girls, is this something I should go after, or should I just leave it alone altogether?

I've been seeing a girl lately and at first everything seemed cool we hung out got to know each other a bit and eventually it got a little more with the physical end of things, then it cooled off a bit, we hung out one time more in that time and she was all over me and we shared a small kiss before parting ways but since then she's gotten pretty busy with school and work and doesn't really respond to me much even so to the point where she doesn't call back if she says she will, I'll just receive random snapchats? Should I give her some time or just charge it to the game and keep it moving??


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  • You should talk to her about it. She's probably shy because of that kiss or she's nervous. I think you should give had a little time then charge in if nothing seems to be working. Good luck


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