Urgent clearification of a guy's behaviour i'm dating needed?

hi guys, so I've met this guy (my previous question was about) some weeks ago online. We went for a coffee 2 days ago and we got along very well. He had such a gentlemen behaviour it was flattering. back home i received a message telling he had a great afternoon and that he'd like to see me again. he also said that we had some chemistry & that he likes me.So we agreed on this Sat for a real date.He planned sth but my biggest concerns are that he's just in this to hock up with me.
-he texted me 2 times "we could do sth that you haven't done in a while) =could either refer to sex or kissing)
-he makes me lots of compliments (youre the orettiest girl in town,youve got very sexy legs,..)

I know when guys overdoe complimenting there's a chance its fake and he only wants sex.
when i confronted him with my this but he seemed shocked that i'd even think this but what am i supposed to think then?
How can i genuily find out if he's true or only after sex? I've become very careful with believing guys compliments,always read a lot into his messages due to past bad experiences..
So what shall i do, how to provent a heartbreak and how to find out how true he really is?!
He also already made lots of body contact 2 days ago, sends me good night and good morning txts and txts lots throughout the day.
I hope i'll get many of your oppinions! Urgently needed!


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  • Well the only way to find out if he isn't after the cookie, is to not let him have the cookie. If he stops contacting you because you didn't give him the cookie he was sure after the cookie. A heart break is something you can't control, it's either you give it all in or nothing at all. Take your time don't rush, learn, study, observe and see what kind of person he is. Someone told me if you haven't seen him/her at her worst you haven't seen him/her at all. I hope you are alright, and goodluck. Remember it takes a couple of rain to make a rainbow.


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  • Don't have sex with him make him wait and get to know him more, take things slow and if he sticks around then he most likely is not just in it for the sex.


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  • It's always a gamble. Have you two made it official yet? That could show he's serious. You can also tell him that you are not going to have sex with him until you two are official, or you only have sex with a serious partner, and you are not interested in a friends with benefit relationship.


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