Was I insensitive to my girlfriend?

So after I got off work tonight, I had to fix my car, nothing major but a good extra hour of work after 9 hours of work haha. My girlfriend was asking what I was up to and wanted to see what I had done, which I was excited for because I love cars and am glad she cares/notices. Anyways she came down to see and I mentioned my roommates and I were going to try a new Mexican restaurant that evening and she was welcome to come. I told her we would be lieaving really soon like 10 minutes (it was already about 7:30 at this point) so she goes to her apartment and I text her that I am leaving to get her and when I show up she takes another 10 minutes to get ready while my roommates are waiting in my car outside >_< why does she have to get re-ready for the day? She already looked good when I first saw her. Anyways we left and then when we got there she mentioned she forgot her wallet which is fine since I often pay for her but she made a huge deal about being sorry and that she didn't want anything to eat and I kinda snapped v_v I told her (in private) to just stop that I was going to pay for her either way it wasn't a big deal and that I wasn't going to change my mind, that all she was doing was making it awkward for everyone. She then ordered and was almost silent and wouldn't look at me for the rest of the time there. Why was this one time such a big deal to her for me to pay? Anyways we talked after and both apologized but just wondering should I have apologized? Was I in the wrong by hurrying her along? Sorry for the length and thanks for the help.
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Thanks for the help and insight. It gave me a new perspective and I appreciate it.


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  • This is just one of those episodes where your last nerve is already strung out due to work, tiredness, life, etc. and all you wanna do is eat and be cool. I think your GF realised that you were already a little strung out and was therefore trying to lift some pressure off you by not eating/not paying, etc. all the while not realising that she was tipping you over the edge.

    Yes, you were right to both apologise to each other because you snapped due to tiredness and she was uptight about the wallet/paying. It's not biggie really - it's just a small misunderstanding really. All cleared up now anyway.

    • Thanks :) this is an interesting perspective and I really like it and appreciate the help. I know she had good intentions but it seemed odd when I insisted that she still didn't want anything and I felt it would be awkward with my roommates if I invited her to dinner and she did not eat anything. But I am sure she had good intentions and I just lost my cool.

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  • Would you like someone to speak harshly to you? I don't think so. And I find it to be something small that you snapped over, though you could have been tired.

    Did you find out the reason why she needed her wallet? Maybe she needed an ID to buy wine or maybe she wanted to treat YOU this time.

    But it doesn't matter since you two made up. Just think next time of the alternate possibilities.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah I don't get it too. I know you ladies are strong and independent and blah blah but seriously letting us pamper you and take care of you even if it's just for the evening is a wonderful feeling. Just calm down a have fun. I'm sure you'll think of something to repay us. :)

  • I can understand your perspective, she was being a bit awkward, but that's women man. lol. You probably could of handled it better tbh, unless she's taking liberties with something the softly softly approach is better. I'd probably have said really it's not a problem, it's on my dollar and I want to buy you some grub! haha. If she was still awkward I'd probably of said look next time you will buy ME dinner. We're hear now, lets have a good time, money doesn't matter to me.
    But that's easy from a distance and you're not a jerk, you did the right thing apologizing to her, nobody likes to be snapped at, women can be sensitive over that stuff.


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