Girls, short girls, does it annoy you when short guys hit on you?

I've never been much of a ladies man, but I want to find a decent girl to settle down with so I've been trying to build my confidence a bit. Anyway, I'm 5'4 and over the past two months I've probably asked out 12 girls. 2 of them were a fair bit shorter than me and they were both somewhat rude about my height. I remember one said: "why do short guys think they can hit on me like this? Piss off." They were probably 5'. I tend to have more success with girls my height. I would say anything 5'2 and below is short for a girl.

But, does it annoy you?
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What Girls Said 2

  • Those girls just come off as stupid and who would want to be with one of them?

  • No, I'll react the same way to a tall guy hitting on me.

    Who would want to be with one of those girls? They're really low.


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