I have no idea what to do?

So I have no idea what I should do. My crush was surprised when I told her that I've never had a gf, she replied with "but you're so sweet". I asked her out the other day and she said she was flattered but she only sees my as a friend. I made a rock carving shaped liked a heart for her. I don't know what im doing wrong. No girls like like me they all see me as friends. Should I just give up and forget about finding someone to love then?


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  • No. You shouldn't give up. There will be someone out there for you. :)

    I do kind of feel bad that you may have taken her "But you're so sweet" notion as she's into you. It's our way of making you feel better and telling you not give up hope. We're not trying to lead you on.

    Wo/men need to find ways to communicate better.


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