Guys, what is the oldest guy age wise girls would date?

and what is the youngest age wise an older guy (my age) should date ? 29? 33? 40? what's your opinion?
is there a formular? I was told take your age divided by 2 then add 7? I have a friend 18 years older than his wife and they have 2 kids and are married. curious to see answers?


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  • It varys between girls. Some teenagers would date a guy your age, and certainly some women in their twenties would. I think most women not more than a decade younger would be okay with it (at your age).

    • your right about the women in their 20;s happens a lot. but you're saying 36 tops? youngest? ok thanks ;)

    • No, I was just meaning I think most 36 year old women would consider dating a guy your age. I think a lot of women over thirty would consider it too, but some in their early thirties might consider the gap too big. It's worth a try anyway, right?

    • agreed !

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