Your opinion about a guy I met online?

I started talking online to a guy I met early
last week on OkCupid. So at first there was a huge interest and I would look forward to his messages. He's a divorced dad who is beyond committed to his daughter, has a good job, is very attentive, texts me every morning and even night and has said that he can't wait to meet me in person. Then things got kind of weird. He was away in another state for work, and he would say I could text him anytime since he had a lot of time on his hands. He changed his profile photo on OKCupid and when I asked him why, he said he changed it for me and hoped I would like it. He is also on another site I'm on (we joked about this), and I got a notification that he added me as a "favorite" on that site. He has his daughter for the weekend, so we made arrangements to meet Monday. He sends me a message like "I've been smiling all day since I read your text" or something like "I have a problem...I have to wait 5 days to meet you but I can't wait!" He dosent come off as psychotic or anything, but maybe he's just a little too needy or eager? I haven't met him in person, but I already feel like I'm being smothered. Like things are moving way too fast. I'm meeting him for dinner next Monday, so I will give him a chance, but in the meantime the over attention is kind of spooking me out and taking the mystery and excitement of meeting someone new. Recently when he's texted me I've lied and told him I was busy and would talk to him later or told him I was going to sleep early
just so I don't have to deal with his eagerness. I feel like an ass for writing this because I'm sure any other woman would appreciate what he is doing. Is there a way of letting him know he's kind of smothering me or should I just suck it up and give the guy a chance?


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  • Well he sounds a little lonely but nothing alarming
    yes he is going a little overboard but then again it happens sometimes especially in online relationships, people try to oversell themselves
    go meet him and im sure you would find that he's as sane as anyone can be


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  • You can wait it out or tell him to slow down.


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  • I don't buy that he changed his profile pic on the site for you, to me that's a sign he's still looking but then there's the eagerness. It could be that he's a single dad and genuinely just is excited to have something new going on in his love life. He also could be thinking he's 'swooning' you but really is talking to others (guys do this, trust me). Doesn't sound psycho or anything, can't hurt to meet him, he may even relax after he meets you.


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