I want closure? what happend?

I met this guy and we hit it off...i regret it it and told him to leave me alone, he got angry and turned off and said he didn't wanted more after that discussion throught text. Later on i contacted him said i was sorry, he suggested to meet up....we did twice after on and off fighting through text and had almost sex, but since im a virgin and he was my first ''lover'' i decided to not have sex with him. He said he didn't wanted to wast more time on me after declaring that he thought i was extremely beautiful. He went to have sex with other women who ''appreciate'' him and its wasn't that i was ungrateful, he just kept on pushing sex and it just went too fast and scared me a bit, he said i was 22 and should act like a grown up but i was really scared and he didn't make me feel comfortable. He said that i shouldn't think i'm the only girl and im not his ''#1'' anymore. At first he gives me all this attention and sweet talks me and then he drops from the earth, but ''is willing to meet up if i want too''. He said he never wanted to bring anything to life with me and said he used me just as i used him' after i said that i was going to hangout with a normal guy. I didn't use him, i was very naive and didn't know how to handle a situation like that. I want closure but he never contacted me and its been 4/5 months and i'm still sad about it. what went wrong?


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  • He was a jerk, and you did what was good for you..
    and what you did was right..
    there are lots of other good guys which you deserve..


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  • He was after sex, you weren't ready and he got angry. You did good to not have sex with him in my opinion. He was never really after a relationship.


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