Is there a point of telling him that I like him?

We have been on a few dates, but have hooked up at parties a lot as well. I don't know what he wants or how he feels, but It just feels like were hooking up, casual. I know there is distance because Im at school, but I have really started to like him. Im scared to tell him how I feel because I dont want to get hurt. How do I bring it up? Im moving back home in a month so we'll be like 5 mins away, just told him that.


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  • Maybe~~~~~~

  • Just ask him if you get hurt at least you're not getting used as just a hook up (that's if you don't want to be just a hook up). Just ask him "hey so what are we" or something along those lines.

    • well at first I think it was just hooking up from both sides, but now I started to like him. I do like hooking up with him lol but definitely want to see where things could go. How can I say that to him? I dont know if I want a relationship I just want to continue to get to know him, hangout and see where things go.

    • Yeah if you say that I think that would make him at ease, like you're not pressuring him for a relationship you just want to see where it goes.

    • so how should i bring it up casually, or hint it

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