Is she using me , or is she just confused? I feel really hurt by this sudden change of heart?

just came out of a bad relationship myself, with a girl that miscarried our child and after that never was the same to me. just mean, hatefull and cold.

past weekend i met a girl who is 21 . I know her mom and she told me to contact her daughter. we had great conversations and that same week she invited to come with her to her grandmas birthday. we talked and later that evening we kissed. talked about taking things slow etc.. next day we met again , saw her family again and went to her place. with her 2 yo son. we hang around a bit, and kissed .

she still shares an appartment with her ex , and recently signed for a place of her own. he cheated on her, treated her badly from the very beginning and actually left her and their son. now he got jealous and all of a sudden he is interested in her again.

she has a beef with her mom because her mom wants her to leave that appartment now and not within 3 months. her mom also pressured her , to start a new life with me. we both agreed to take things slow, so im really not to blame. yesterday we actually had a date , but she canceled it. she wrote me that she needed some time to think, etc... and that im a nice guy, at the same time she writes her mom next day that i annoy her. how and why i dont know, since she was really the one writing all these texts drizzled with hearts and kisses. i just wrote back in the sam way to sound interested.

as it is now, she just stops texting me, starts liking her ex bf his fb pics, blocks her mom from social media. i feel used, i know she is going through a rought time but come on he cheated on you. you are his 2nd choice, he doesn't care about you.

what should i do people say let her be, others say, wait a few days and contact her, others say dont contact her let her figure out herself that she is making a mistake. i feel really hurt by it because i openend my heart and this is how she treats me. im sitting her, not knowing what to do, what she is doing right now.


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  • Ask her what the deal is.


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  • don't be the guy getting used by this girl is distress, her knight in shning armour who will buy her gifts, give her attention, and she will go to her boyfriend when she feels all better. In order for this relationship to continue you have to man up and tell her that if she want to be in relationship with your she has to cut all contacts including FB and messages with him. Give her a time limint either with him or you she has to decide. You have to be willing to walk away. Do your seriously want to be her jnight in shining armour, buy her stuff, give her love and then she is talking and probably doing more with her ex. Don't be that much of a tool. Either she has to cut him off or she has to cut you off cuz this triagle will only make you more depressed, sad, and used up later on. regardless You have to tell her she has a week to decide and if she wants to be with him tor with you because your have your own life, and you want to know if she is the right girl for you. If she wants him don't be her friend hoping to someday get with her that's dangerous and mentally unhealthy for guys, move on for your own health.


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  • Invite the girl, her mom, her bf and your ex.
    At your home.

    And have a gaint orgy.


    • what part of i feel hurt didn't you get , selfish prick

    • Shut up coward.
      You are cheating one someone's wife.
      If this happend to me and found out, I would have crushed you.

    • i am cheating on who sir? im dating a single girl, learn to read. i dont cheat on people , or let people i like cheat on their loved ones. wanna crush me, try me dude.

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