Home come my boyfriend doesn't post pic of us together on FB but he does tags me whenever we go out?

On Facebook, he would always tag me whenever we are out somewhere. Yesterday, when we went to this restaurant, he posted a picture of the food and tagged me. His friends can obviously see that he is with me and he's taking me places, perhaps to remain mysterious??


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  • Because your relationship isn't defined by social media and he realizes it.

    • You think so? That's the reason and it does make sense, he's sweet to me all the time

    • Yes, I do! You don't have to make a show for the world in order to appreciate your SO

  • This is one of the reasons that I hate so called "social media". It causes almost nothing but problems in relationships. Like @zorro8888 said he realizes that your relationship does not have to be plastered all over social media to have a strong, healthy relationship. If anything you should be happy he does not post every little thing all over social media


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