Just old fashioned or hopeless romantic?

This may be long I will try to summarize as much as possible.

I have previously been married I'm currently 35 and have a 2 1/2 yr old son that I have full time, he is my mini me.

I was nervous about dating. But only introduced him to the girl I am still currently dating we have been really happy the 3 of us for 17 months.
After about 10 months I got over her past. I always felt sex should be shared between people that really loved each other. And she felt it was more casual. Water under the bridge We are happy physically and emotionally. But I get caught up on things like she will call her dad and ask him to fix something.. Or call her family if she needs someone to talk to. I kind of want to be the goto person in her life I want to be the love of her life. (she is the same age and also has been previous married) I feel like I am just a filler. A couple months ago we started talking marriage and I have been juggling the idea now for a couple months but everytime I get serious about popping the question i get discouraged. For instance her car was stolen. Her parents notified me so I drove over there when the police recovered the vehicle. I figured I would pop the question with the family and everyone there.. And the first thing my girlfriend does when she sees her car is cries tears of joy then she runs into the arms of her dad. I felt floored and the ring never left my pocket..but I was also very happy she got her car back. Will I ever feel I am her one or is it just wishful thinking. Are we too old to be dreaming of finding true love? Advice and experiences please..


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  • Sounds like she is just really close to her family. Maybe try sitting down with her and talking about this and how it makes you feel...


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  • She seems like she is just very close with her family. Considering she has also been divorced (like you), perhaps she ran to them when her first marriage ended.

    Her family has always been there for her (from what you're telling me), but you have only been in the picture almost two years. The time difference is not difficult to plot on a graph, family has a bit of preference.

    Relationships take time. Trust, especially when previous broken by someone who was supposed to love you forever (former spouse), can be extremely hard to rebuild.

    My advice? Get close to her family as well. Incorporate her family into yours within reason and this maybe be your solid ticket into her heart.

    Hope all goes well!


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  • She's close with her family. Give it time.

    Oh and neither are bad by the way.


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