Girls, do you prefer guys to be quick in this sort of way?

When I have interest in a girl I like to make it known quick and get the ball rolling. I don't like kicking the fence I just ask her to go out relatively quick. Is this the right approach?
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  • I personally like to study people. I get to know what their like, sometimes without even talking just observing. Some girls love the forward approach, being showered with attention, the works. But that can also turn off a girl that would like to get to know you because she might think you think of her as a sexual object. There's no universal way to hit on/ask out/ pick up woman. You just got to know the kind of woman your dealing with. (:
    Hope that made sense

    • I got ya, but in the past I'd wait too long and they would lose interest. I'm always paranoid that I need to do something to keep her around. How should I do this?

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