Girls, why haven't I ever had a hot girl?

I know I'm not handsome, I know I don't do exercice or sports but I'm pretty smart, I believe I'm romantic, I write poems and give flowers and I also love languages and I haven't ever had a relationship with a hot girl either a date.


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  • If you're looking for a relationship based purely off of looks, then your first statement, "I know I'm not handsome", answers it all.

    While beauty is subjective, there are people who, for the most part, fit "everybody"'s general idea of what attractive (or at least non-ugly) is. And there are plenty of women who are textbook "hot" who simply will not date men who aren't as hot as themselves.

    The solution to this is to date women YOU find beautiful. She should be hot in YOUR eyes, and in more ways than just the physical; that's what matters.

  • Well, there's your answer. You're not hot.


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