When guy asked me how dare I deleted him from my contact list?

I was kind of getting tired of waiting his text, initiated one text last night, I can see he is online in the date site, but he did not reply me until today's noon, so I thought he faded away, just back off, I do not mind he date with other girls, and not interested in me any more, but I really appreaciate he can directly tell me instead hunting for another girl ignore my message

things changes later, when I drove back to home, saw his message to add me as friend again, 'how dare you delete me from xx', 'I want to talk to you', maybe it is my sensitive, he did not use 'why' instead 'how dare', I am thinking what hell he is doing, is he threatening me? I do not know if it is good idea to add him as friend and talked again, cause his message kind of scraed me, or just skip this request without any explaination.

For me, I already decide to move on, but I really want to be nice, do not mind to talk with him just being a common friend.
I mean he never replied me until I deleted him.


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  • He seems pretty self involved... I'd ignore it and him at all costs.


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  • Ew, he is psycho... block his ass.

  • Block him then.


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