Concerning promposals?

I'm hanging out with my crush tomorrow and I was considering asking her to prom, since its in like 3 weeks or so. But I don't know if she's taken (I know she doesn't have a boyfriend), and I have no idea when or what I should ask her.
Can I just say something like "hey, do you wanna go to prom with me?" Or does it have to be something intricate? And when should I ask her, at the end of the date/hangout?
Girls: how would you ideally be asked to prom?


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  • Ask her in the beginning of when you hang out so you don't think about it and get nervous. Bring up prom somehow and ask if she's going with anyone. If she's going with someone and she asked you why you asked just say you were just wondering, if she isn't going with anyone get on one knee take her hand and ask her to prom X3 it would be really cute

    • Hahaha well I guess every girl would think the knee thing is cute, but she's very casual and funny... but if I can't come up with anything funny to do then that sounds like as good of a plan as any?

    • Well no matter her personality, the knee thing makes her feel special and pretty and sorta homered you know? Even funny girls like a cute formal sorta thig like this X3 it just makes it feel like it's gonna be a special night if she goes

    • Yeah. Well thanks, if the right circumstances come up I'll do that...

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