Guys, is it bad that I find my self hating my personality?

I tend to find a lot in common with my guy friends, video games and just stupid sences of humor like making memes and edits and getting each other on certain levels .
Basically because im short have a soft sweet voice,i get scared easily, i am way too nice to everyone i only attract
(i hate saying this) Very unattractive guys.. and they are the type who are all sensitive and im way to nice to turn them down.. but when i do they always ALWAYS get pissed.
kinda the type to be 40 year old virgins..
it makes me feel very unattractive..


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  • you can only be who you are and no one else guys dig gamer girls i do but you can try to expand your horizon as they say try some new things and get out of your comfort zone maybe you will find less sensitive 40 yr old dudes go to the gym try a new style or sum thing like that


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  • Since when does height, voice, being scared easily, and niceness ONLY attract unattractive guys?

    I think it's your common hobbies causing it.

  • do you dress different than your age group maybe?

    • Not really my age group im a Senior in high school though.
      i Have an alternative laid back style
      but i do have Bright red hair..

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