Can having a strict parent effect your dating life?

So I'm 25. I am currently in my first relationship and she's older than by 4 years. My aunt is super strict and sheltered me a lot as a child. Even now she calls me when I stay out late, she hates my friends and doesn't like my girlfriend. Overall, she treats me like a child. My girlfriend once said "She treats you like you're 12 and needs to get used to you staying out because you're 25!" My aunt even called me soft once and she calls me a lot to do things she could easily do. Worst part is that I don't even live with her (my aunt) anymore! Whenever my girlfriend asks me to do something, I instantly get annoyed. My aunt frustrates the hell out of me everyday and I just want to scream. Do strict parents effect your dating life?


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  • Of course.
    My parents were very strict with me... unlike my younger sister.
    She dropped out of college and has no difficulties finding a bf.
    I finished college and have difficulties finding someone I'm interested in.

    • It's as if the good people struggle and the people who don't work as hard succeed more.

    • I'd say so...

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  • Parents like that fuck you up in the first 6 years of your life. Get a job, move out and tell your aunt, or whoever raised you to back off, you are a man now. Its your world, your own rules.

    • That's the thing. I've already moved out lol. But she's still trying to control me.

    • Tell her like I told my mom "Mom (Aunt) I thank you for everything you have done for me but I am my own man now and I will make the decisions from here" At 25... only you have the power to let your aunt dictate or not.

    • I'm gonna have too. I love my aunt but I also love my girlfriend and don't want to lose her. I'll have the talk tommorow.

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  • Have you tried talking with your aunt one on one. It was ok that she was strict when you were a child but now... She have to understand that you are a young man not a teenage boy.
    If your aunt will keep her strict aunt apperance then it's possible that your girlfriend will dump you.
    Stay strong and show your aunt that you're not a kid anymore.


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  • My parents are strict, but I am even more heavy-handed on romantic-relationship issues, so they do not dare to effect my dating life.

    • I have told my aunt to never disrespect my girlfriend again or I won't come around again.

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